This website will be used to journal my nursing experiences because I am a very nervous person and I also want to live out my fantasy of having a cutesy website!! I hope this website will help me feel better about nursing. hamster smile

Literally all I know about coding is from html trial and error on toyhouse and google, but i'll get better probably at one point


3/5/2022 :: I made the site and started decorating it!

3/6/2022 :: I figured out how to change the website title, and im trying to add a music player but it isn't working ):

3/7/2022 :: I got the music player working now, turns out I needed to convert the youtube links to mp3's instead. Thanks, SCM Music . Changed some text formatting. Attempting to add a favicon.

3/8/22 :: Successfully changed favicon. Music player doesn't show on mobile and I don't know why! Attempting to change website description on the tab

3/10/22 :: I took off the link to my toyhouse account to add another level of anonymity to myself, made some changes in notes. Website description has successfully updated!

3/26/22 :: I made my own "button" im putting that in quotes because its not a button its just a gif lol


Hamtaro Themed and Art by Kei (me!)

Code/Design Template by almost sweet resources

Unedited Hamtaro GIFs/Images from YappingEevee's playthrough of Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue and Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak

Music sourced from Altissimo

I doubt many people will come by here but I will clarify anyways that I will uphold HIPPA and not share any huge patient identifiers. I would also like to note that as a medical diary, heavy subjects might be discussed.


hello, i'm kei!
she/her | 20 | nursing student


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